Sunday, March 31, 2013

***Happy Easter!!***

 Happy Easter Everyone!!! :)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sports Luxe

Hi Guys!

My last post focused on one of the most popular trends of SS13, White-on-White…and in this post I decided to go with another popular trend for this season, Sport Chic! The fun part is, you can easily mix both of them and go for a white on white sports luxe look:)
Sport chic is quite a good trend to go with as you have the flexibility to mix 2 very different styles and the really great part is you can do it in lots of different ways!In this outfit, I decided to mix this elegant black jacket with denim shorts and black high wedge sneakers. The peplum top, with black and white stripes, seems to work well with the black jacket but the mixing of elegance with the more casual pieces means it’s a look pretty much anyone can pull off and probably with what you have in your wardrobe already!The great thing about this trend is you can choose how to mix it up – you could go for heels, trousers and a sweatshirt and the end result is very similar!As always, the accessories add to the overall look, again the handbag has a touch of elegance about it which, while just a small part of the look, adds a bit more to the sport chic effect!
Personally, I just love this kind of combo, I've always liked mixing styles together and this is perfect for doing just that!

Remember that it's not necessary to look for something exact because, as you can see in the fashion shows, you can just wear what you feel comfortable in and you will look great! :)

Jacket - River Island
Top, handbag - Mango
Shorts - Zara
Shoes - DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse)

Have a great day lovely people! :)


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Handbags, Handbags, Handbags! :)


Good morning Ladies! I know for a fact that you will all agree that sometimes, men just don’t get it.
We are different species with VERY different thought patterns and processes. One of those things that they just don’t get, despite years of training, is the importance of handbags!
They have a wallet, which they use until either the money and cards are falling out or the wallet is wrapped in an elastic band…functional. But we all know, Handbags are not just functional! Yes, they provide a very important service when you are out and about, but mainly they are fashion items, they complement what you are wearing, they make a statement – and sometimes we want to say different things – not just ‘I have a wallet’ J
Here is a collection of some of my handbags, and I’m pretty sure you will see many more in the future! ;)
Have a great weekend lovely people! J


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