Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Cravings!

You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you want something so badly you can almost feel it, or taste it or smell it?! You can’t stop thinking about it, you feel like you are missing something, that life just isn’t complete! We all get this feeling from time to time.
Well today I have that feeling and what better way to alleviate it (even if ever so minutely!) than to share it!
The source of all my anxiety today is a pair of wedges from Loeffler Randll. When I first found them it was love at first sight…instant chemistry….I just knew we were meant to be together ;)  They are just a perfect for Spring, they could be worn on any special occasion but just as easily mixed with casual combos, adding the perfect amount of chicness to the look.
But you can imagine my horror when I realised, after hours of browsing, that I just can’t find them on sale online anywhere.. My heart sank, I was inconsolable, the typical unrequited love story that we all love to bring a tear to the eye ;)
So, to help me get over my lost love, I have put together some outfits from Pollyvore with the Wedges as the common piece – if I can’t have them in the real world at least I can have them in my imagination! As I always prefer the more casual look with just a touch of glamour thrown in, I mixed them with denims, sweatshirts and more everyday tops.
Not sure if this is the therapy I need or just more torture, but here you go :)

Have a great day lovely people and I hope your true love stories are more successful than mine !;)



  1. Those wedges are fabulous! All the looks you created around them are great too!


    That Sassy Girl
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  2. You are so funny but I'm in total agreement, those are some fantabulous shoes!!!

  3. Kind of outfit will be something I will wear a lot during spring/summer, boyfriend jeans, basic t-shirt and small cross body bags. It is super comfortable and I think it looks good.

  4. I so need a pair of boyfrind jeans :))



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