Monday, March 4, 2013

Prague - day 1

Hello Guys! As you may remember I went to Prague a while ago, but between being manic busy and then getting sick, I didn't really get a chance to do any posts about it! But I am trying to catch up now! :)
It was really cold over there so needless-to-say I had to wear a warm coat and boots, and since the warmest options I have in that department are black I decided to brighten the look a little bit by adding some colours. This time I decided to show that you don’t really have to stick to one particular colour, going for a Cherry Hat and socks, Handbag in a brighter shade of cherry and purple gloves, finishing it up with a pastel necklace. 
Any of you who have been to Prague will know that it is a beautiful city – full of historic areas and beautiful places to spend hours wandering about! Even with the cold, once you wrap up well you will be surprised how quick you will warm up :)
Unfortunately we were only there for 2,5 days so we didn't get to see it all but we did spend a lot of time in and around the Old City, where a lot of these photos were taken.
Of course, no trip to Prague (or anywhere for that matter!) would be complete without sampling the local cuisine! I just loved the food that was on offer, whether it was from the beautiful restaurants, quaint local cafes or the street vendors dotted around the tourist areas!
Hope you Guys like the pictures!
Stay tuned for more Prague snaps and outfit posts!

I was wearing:
United Colors of Benetton coat
Asos dress



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  3. I love your outfit! You look super chic and casual at the same time!! The shoes, your peplum shirt and the necklace are stunning!!

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  4. ahhhhh! Love it. You look wonderful and the city-scape is great!

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