Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Last day in Prague!

So this is the end of my little adventure in Prague! I took these photos on our last day in the city just before we got back in the car for the long trip home!
Did I mention it was cold in Prague?! In case you missed it, it was cold and I think the last day was probably the coldest of the lot! So I took the opportunity to use this long black coat as not only is it nice and long and very warm but it also has some shape to it, so I don’t look like a complete snowman in it…I hope!
The great thing about a coat like this, especially a black one, is that it is sooo easy to get your outfit together. All it takes is a scarf or a snood – I went for a faux fur snood in this case, and some colourful accessories. The handbag I choose was a very bright one which works well with the black.
I hope you guys like it! And I really hope it was the last wintery outfit! I'm ready for the Sprint to come! :)
Have a great day peeps!



  1. I love Prague and that pics are so nice., Have a nice day.

  2. awesome pictures :) want to follow eachother? let me know :) thanks so much!
    <3 cloe-anne



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