Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hi Guys. Did you enjoy pancake Tuesday? I know I did, but I definitely ate way too much ;) It's funny as I love pancakes, but I never remember to think about making them on regular days, it’s only on pancake Tuesday that for some reason I remember ;) You would think that something this delicious you could have every day! So there it is, another resolution for this year is to have more pancakes! ;)
Pancake Tuesday is the last day of carnival, then we've got Lent and then Easter, which means Spring is really just around the corner, and I just can't wait for the sun to finally come out. In the meantime, here in Poland we have a weather roller-coaster, one day it looks like the Winter really is over, as it's relatively dry and green, but another day you wake up to a world covered by snow. I'm telling you it's hard not to go crazy! It’s especially difficult when you're trying to plan something. That's why one day you can wear a big warm coat with snood and you are still cold, and the next day a leather jacket is more than enough…just crazy.
Today's pictures are example of one of these medium-warm days. It's warm enough for a leather jacket, but cold enough for you to still need a hat and gloves ;)
I’ve only just realized now how music festival ready this outfit is! :) Wellies, leather jacket, knee socks and 'fingerless' gloves - what other combination can be that rock-chic like? :)
The funny part is that the dress I'm wearing is really lady like and was definitely not meant to be mixed with wellies and that type of combo at all!:) Oh well… ;)

Have a great day lovely people!


PS New Word for today:
Ruminate - Think deeply about something. “We sat ruminating on the nature of existence.”


  1. I really like that pics and great outfit. Have a nice day.

  2. that's such a pretty outfit :) want to follow each other? I just followed your blog :)
    <3 cloe-anne



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