Friday, February 1, 2013

Gourmand :)

Hello Guys! Happy Friday! :) You can be proud of yourselves you've made it - the week is over, and so is January, the most miserable month of the year, and you are still alive and sane (if you are reading this blog!;) )

Today is the first day of the shortest month in the year and I think it's the perfect opportunity for a mini resolution list :) I think it's better to commit to something for a short period of time, that way it seems to be easier and won't be that big of a deal if you won't stick with it - you will have the rest of the year to retry for maybe a longer period of time. For example I've decided that for the whole month I won't be eating chocolate :) I was going to do 'no sweets' but I think lack of sugar would turn me into a grumpy bitch, so for the love for my husband I decided to stick with just chocolate :) Another resolution is what I called a shopping detox... And I'm pretty sure the hubby will like that one too :)

I was also planing to add some exercises to that list but I think I prefer not to have that one committed to paper, as no matter how short February is I am not so sure I can stick with that one - so lets be realistic! Remember not to go overboard with the resolutions, as they are supposed to help you improve your life or your mood instead of bringing you down! I'm also going to learn a new word a day for this month as it's never too late to improve your vocabulary:)

And the last thing on my list is to experiment more with my hair. Since most of the time I wear it down for today's pictures I decided to wear it up and added a hair band to change it up a little bit more;) I know it's not that much but believe me if you are looking at your face everyday in exactly the same hair style, a little change like this can make a huge difference :)

I've also noticed that I haven't worn pants in a really long time! I've been wearing skirts and shorts all the time, so this time I went for brown jeans and mixed them with the same shade boots and finished it of with grey top and a jacket. It's a casual look but at the same time the heels made it more feminine. I really like mixing heels with more everyday outfits, it's such a easy way to glam the look up! :)

Jacket - Zara
Jeans - Zara
Fury Snood - Carry
Boots - Aldo

Have a great weekend lovely people!:)

PS: New word for today: Gourmand - A person who enjoys eating and often eats too much; gluttonous. A connoisseur of good food
For those of you who know me, its clear why I choose this word, for those of you who are just getting to know me it will show you just a little more about me :)


  1. You look so much like Jennifer Lawrence from the Hunger Games

  2. that outfits awesome, you look so much like jennifer lawerence :) will you check out my blog? i'd love for more people to see it :) and of course follow and comment and share too lol :) thanks! could we follow eachother? I just followed you :)
    <3 cloe-anne

  3. I like that pics and your outfit. Have a great weekend.

  4. You're so funny! I have to that scarf is wonderful. Good luck with the resolutions!!!

  5. oh must be really cold there!!
    nice outfit girl!!



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