Sunday, November 4, 2012

Red, leather, denim and animal print - can it be a simple combo?..Yes, it can! :)

Hello Guys! Today I have something a little more casual for you :) These are the pictures from my last day in Portugal and we decided to finish the holiday with a road trip! :) Personally, when I am road-tripping I like to wear comfortable clothes as you never know what is around the next corner!
The day was slightly cooler so I got to wear a nice cosy sweater:) Since red is one of my favourite colours this one was a no-brainer for me ;) Here I decided to combine it with a denim shirt and leather trousers mixing two of my favourite combos, one being leather and denim and the other, the colour red and animal print :)
I think part of the appeal of these has something to do with the wildness of these patterns/colours/fabrics :)
When I think red and animal print for some reason Elizabeth Taylor is one of the first things that comes to mind! In her heyday she was one of the most beautiful and stylish women in the world and would often be seen with bright red lipstick, red shiny dresses and some wild animal print fur coats or hats.
Of course red, leather and animal prints can be worn in very sexy and dressy ways but you can also create more casual outfits while still staying chic and classy :) This goes to show that you can wear all the wildest combos and still stay nicely simple :)
So don't be afraid to take a chance to play with textures, fabrics, colours and patterns that traditionally may have been considered bold. We are in the 21st Century at last, and the only person that can stop you is yourself :)

Red sweater and Sunglasses - Mango
Leather trousers - Zara
Denim shirt - Stradivarius
Watch - Asos
Black bracelet with golden hearts - Pilgrim

Have a nice Sunday All! :)



  1. You looks great. So nice red sweater. Would You like to follow?

    Have a nice end of the weekend.

  2. Red sweater suit you better! that cactus flower in your back are very special! in a word evrything is great. a real fur coat may you need in christmals. i have bought one in may you can have a try..Black Fur Leather Trench Coat.

  3. those shoes are cooler than cool!!!you look fantastic!!!:))

    ps. thank yu for your lovely comment and we are following you back on all 3!!:))

  4. LOVE this look! I really like how you paired the sweater with the leather pants, makes it look edgy.

    Now following you, follow back! :)


    1. Thanks Kristine!!
      Following you now!:)



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